Trends & Analysis

When you know what’s happening in your ministry,

you become more efficient and effective in helping those you serve.

See the Bigger Picture

Nothing falls through the cracks with our ministry overview charts.
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Get Instant Answers

How long have clients been waiting to be assigned?
Which counselors are overworked and underworked?
How long have clients been waiting to be seen?
Filter on each category to see the information that you need.
For example, you can filter to see which cases are active/inactive or which clients are the most stressed.

Get Insight & Understanding

Who and what?
Who is counseling who, and what is the primary & secondary issue?
Is the counselee a church member or non-member? If a member, of which church?
How much stress is the counselee under on a scale of 1-10?
When and where?
When did the client’s case open or close, when was their last session, and when is their next one?
How much counseling time is being spent on a particular case or session?
Which campus does the counselee attend and where do they receive counseling?

Track Donations

Administrators can view and track donations by date range and can conveniently export the information for your ministry’s records.
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