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We’ve compiled a list of organizations that can help you with your counseling ministry.
From conferences to courses, we hope you’ll find these resources helpful in your walk with Christ.

The BCC promotes relationships and provides resources for the Christian counseling community. There are many tremendous organizations and individuals involved in the biblical counseling movement. The BCC seeks to connect such men and women in a way that creates a natural and healthy synergy.
The Association of Biblical Counselors (ABC) provides a strategic opportunity to connect with hundreds of church leaders, pastors, lay counselors, professional counselors and believers alike looking to grow in their practical ability to offer biblical counsel in their own lives and in the lives of others. The Biblical Counseling Network (BCN) serves as a database of churches and individuals who are dedicated to Jesus Christ, the eternal message of the Gospel, and who take seriously the work of biblical counseling. This network is for those who are committed to sound counseling, people who want to provide biblical counseling, and anyone wanting to understand themselves and others.
IBCD exists to serve churches, organizations and individuals who share a passion to see believers equipped to counsel one another with the Word of God. They help train pastors and laymen with their online curriculum. Their annual training events include a weekend seminar and a summer conference.
ACBC certifies biblical counselors to ensure doctrinal integrity and promotes excellence in biblical counseling. Their certification program is rigorous, but attainable by even the busiest pastor. The biblical counseling certification phases include the Learning Phase, the Application Phase, and the Supervision Phase. ACBC also offers annual and regional conferences as well as certification for centers desiring to become a ACBC-certified training center.
Faith Biblical Counseling provides a carefully vetted collection of counseling resources, bringing you only the very best materials on Bible-based counseling. In addition to what's in their library and online bookstore, their Faith Resources site includes over 1,000 resources, including lessons and sermons covering counseling-related topics, along with a topical index and a short list of their top recommendations for each topic.