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Secured access points, strong passwords, and network monitoring & firewalls prevent unauthorized users from accessing your client’s personal data. Log files are kept for each user’s activity, enabling you to know when users have logged in and which records they’ve accessed. If required, staff members can be restricted to only view clients that they are assigned to.


To ensure that all of your client’s confidential information stays private, all data is encrypted when passed between our secure servers and your browser through SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). Care records are encrypted when stored and routinely backed up on our server in a certified datacenter. Click here for more information on BibliCare’s privacy requirements.

Case Management

You can create cases for your clients or allow them to log in and create their own. Our case management tool will enable you to view the status of all your current cases, which counselors your clients are assigned to, and how much time is spent with each client. You can even view the notes that you’ve taken during each session.

Reporting & Analysis

Monitor the amount of time that is spent counseling each client, how often your counselors are meeting their clients, appointment cancelations, and how long clients have been waiting to be seen. Analyze trends and identify any needs within your counseling ministry.

Custom Forms

Create online surveys & questionnaires for your clients. Surveys can be scheduled to run on regular intervals to guarantee that you have their most current information.

Integrated Calendar

With our calendar, you can view all upcoming appointments for you and your staff members, see which rooms are available for appointments, set personal reminders with your own task list, send text and email reminders to clients, and manage office hours for your counselors.

Content Management

When a client comes to your website to request counseling, you can put a link on your website that will take them to your counseling login page with your logo, website colors, and church/practice’s name (if you are an individual counselor, the login page can display your own name). You can also assign counselors and clients to specific campuses and view statistics/analytics per campus.

Client Management

Use BibliCare to create accounts for clients or allow them to create their own. Each client can have their own account and you can optionally combine family members into counseling groups. You can even assign multiple counselors to couples so that husbands and wives can be counseled individually or together by counseling teams. Easily maintain case history and session notes, survey results, and online document storage for each client.

Staff Management

Create additional accounts for staff members and lay counselors and assign them to specific clients or create accounts for pastors who would like to view statistics and trends in the church. You can also view each staff members’ office hours & case loads, assign them tasks, and specify restrictions or specialties. Take advantage of the ability to organize your staff by assigning them by supervisor or campus. The ability to train inters/observers is also included.


With our Dashboard you can quickly view the caseloads for all your counselors in real time. Use this tool to find out how long clients have been waiting to be assigned to a counselor, how long it takes for a counselor to make an appointment, and how long it’s been since someone has received counseling.

Request Donations

If you choose, you can send email requests asking for donations for counseling services. Simply provide a link to your church’s donation page or any third party payment service (such as PayPal) and then track their donation history.


Administrators can provide staff members with links to reputable counseling resource websites. Upload and store your own counseling guides, documents, and resources in one centralized storage center.

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