Welcome to Fieldstone Counseling

At Fieldstone Counseling, we know that life can be full of hardships and difficult experiences. Jesus told his disciples in John 16:33 that they would have troubles in this world. His words are true for you and I today, but take heart—through Jesus and the power of the gospel, there is great hope. Through counseling, you can receive help and hope for life’s hardships.


*We are experiencing a high level of new counselees at this time. Please note that all locations have a waiting time of 8-12 weeks. If your availability is outside of our counseling hours then this wait may be longer.*


If you are a returning counselee, you may log in with your username and password to access your account.

Follow These 3 Steps to Begin Counseling

 STEP 1:  Click “Create a New Account” and fill in your contact information.

 STEP 2:  Once logged into your account, click "My Surveys" and fill out the required form. 

 STEP 3:  Once the appropriate intake form is completed, click "Request Care" to apply for care. This can be found on the "My Care"  tab and the "My Account" tab. 


The screenshot below is an example of your My Surveys page. You MUST fill out an intake form in order to be matched with a counselor. All cases will remain on HOLD until this step is complete. 


Once all 3 steps have been completed we will pair your case with one of our counselors suited to your needs. Then your Fieldstone Counselor will contact you directly to schedule your sessions.

Our goal is to match and communicate with counselees as promptly as we are able to. At FC we receive hundreds of requests for counseling, and we seek to be as timely as we can with our response. If you have not heard from our Intake Office or your counselor within 2 weeks of completing all of the above steps, please email us at office@fieldstonecounseling.org

We take all information provided on the intake form into consideration, including your availability and selected location. In light of this, there is a possibility that your chosen location and time frame may be at maximum capacity with our current counselors. If this is the case then you will be notified and placed on a waitlist until a counselor becomes available.


Please note:

If you are a parent or guardian seeking care for anyone under the age of 18 then please make the account in the name of the person who needs care. Then ensure both the child/adolescent and parent/guardian are available to fill out the joint survey. 


There are no shared accounts. All individuals seeking care must create their own account and fill out their own forms to proceed with counseling. This means that ALL members of marriage or family counseling must follow the above steps to begin counseling.

Counseling cases with multiple parties will be kept on HOLD until all individuals who will be a part of the counseling time have followed the above steps. 


Thank you for choosing Fieldstone Counseling. We are grateful to come alongside you at this time. 


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