Welcome to our Counseling and Recovery Ministry


We want Mosaic to be a community where people feel safe to admit their struggles. After all, we all have them. And it’s only after confession that we can hear the words, “Me too.” By being open in a healthy and safe space, we also can experience the power of prayer and a biblical worldview that actively reinforms our outlook, founding it on truth rather than scars, fear, and habit (James 5).

 Our desire is to help you glorify God in your thoughts, words and actions as you walk through life and interact with others. We are confident that through the Scriptures and the power of His Spirit, God has given us everything we need for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3-4). Because of this, the Scriptures are held as the final authority in all matters.

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To Request Care


STEP 1:  Click Create a New Account and fill in your contact information.

STEP 2:  Once logged into your account, click "My Surveys" and fill out any required forms.

STEP 3:  Once the surveys are complete, click "Request Care" to apply for care.


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